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New Macbook Air

Some years ago, I made a promise that if Apple would come out with a netbook sized laptop, I would buy it! (No, I don't include the iPad)

Well, they just released one that fits the bill, HOWEVER...... They just can't even come close to the price, not even close...

I do have a Hackintosh thanks to a friend's very helpful instructions! I bought an Acer Aspire One, Opened it up to replace the WiFi card (not an easy task) and proceeded to take the rather tedious route of installing OS X.

I have compiled a list of pluses and minuses of the two computers:

Hackintosh (Acer Aspire One) plusses.

LOW PRICE (Approx $350)
small size (perfect size as far as I'm concerned!)
Ethernet port
3 USB ports
Decent quality especially for the price!
Actually runs OS X Leopard better than my old 1.33 GHz G4 12" PowerBook!

Sleep mode does not work in OS X
SD card slot not recognized by OS X
Cannot easily upgrade OS X
1 gig shared memory can only be upgraded to 1.5 gig

New Macbook Air 11 inch plusses

Unibody construction, strongly built
Looks nicer
Core 2 Duo rather than Atom (chose the equivalent processor speed of the Atom, 1.6 GHz)
Better graphics capability, though am quite happy with Hackintosh's graphics
2 gigs of memory upgradable to 4
Built-in Bluetooth
LED backlight LCD display
Slightly bigger display/more resolution
Solid State hard drive
First Macbook to ever come close to the size of my Hackintosh

Macbook Air minuses

FOUR TIMES THE PRICE OF HACKINTOSH! ($1300 + tax with 1.6 GHz processor)
almost 2 inches wider than Hackintosh
No Ethernet port
Only two USB ports
No SD card slot
Solid State drive smaller than the HD in Hackintosh (128 gig rather than 160 gig)
Come on! Its 2010! 64 gig drive is not big enough for a laptop

I'm certainly willing to pay double, even TRIPLE the price of my Hackintosh to get an official Apple product of this type. But I'm really having a difficult time justifying QUADRUPLE the price...

I may go ahead and get one, but, wow.... I'm paying for my promise...
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