C Eagle (c_eagle) wrote in macfurs,
C Eagle

Hello all!

A friend of mine suggested I join up and share with the helpful community here ^v^

My initial post is a sorta question...

Most of the time I can nail a problem (as I'm sure most of you can too), but once in a while I run into a hitch...

Working on a volleyball circa 2002 iMac G4 System 10.4.11 ... a few programs do launch and run, Office, AppleWorks, Calculator.... but MOST suddenly do not work.

System Preferences, TextEdit, Disk Utilities, most everything starts, then quits a few seconds later.

I've done all the usual fixes, SudoPeriodicWeeklyMonthlyDaily, tried a variety of individual program permission fixes, and command line permission overhaul via diskutil repairPermissions / (since the GUI app won't work)...

I've also even tried the major overhaul suite of AppleJack via command line in single user mode, and the programs crash the same way in safe mode also.


The only things that are known to have changed is that they replaced the power supply last week, and the motherboard battery probably needs replacing too (but I fixed the date for now via command line).


Any thoughts?.....

Right now backing it up, before probably having to do the Archive/Install....

Thanks for reading!
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