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*sigh* shoot me please...

I have my G5 Powermac up for sale. I get some interest. One guy asks me questions....

"Does it come with a monitor? Will it run Adobe Creative Suite?"

I answer no, I'm keeping my monitor, and I check to see what the current system requirements are for Adobe software. It is quite within the requirements. so I said "Yes".

He responds asking if it will work with a monitor NOT made by Apple. I respond "Certainly! I have it connected to a NEC 20" LCD monitor. It works quite nicely"

Then, I get an e-mail saying he wants it and will buy it.

Later, I get another message asking if it has an Intel processor?

Umm.... No, this is a G5. O.o

Then he says, "I will pass, I'm using software that requires an Intel processor"....

ARFRRRRGH!!!!! What is WRONG with people?!?!?!

......i want a gun....
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