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Reading HFS+ drives in Windows

After recently picking up an external hard drive from OWC, I found out that there is software for Windows which allows reading and writing to Mac formatted hard drives.

They sell Mediafour Macdrive 8 which only works on XP, Vista and Windows 7. Currently, I have two computers running Windows. One has Win2000 the other XP. I can get Macdrive 6 which will work on Win2000 but NOT XP!

There is also TransMac which WILL work on both XP and 2000.

I also found a free one called HSFExplorer but from what I gather, it only lets Windows read HFS formatted hard drives.

Anyone have any recommendations? Any experience with any of these software packages?
I would like to keep the hard drive formatted in HFS as I only have two computers running Windows, soon, maybe only one :P

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