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Remove Wi-Fi Password from iPod Touch.

I work at a school. We have several iPod Touch units that will be used in this upcoming semester in classes, one of which is Web design. Which means they need Internet connectivity. We have a campus-wide wireless network, which uses WPA-Enterprise (EAP). It requires students to enter their network username and password for access.

The problem for the iPod Touch units is that it remembers the students' username and password, which is undesirable. Yes, I know there's the "Forget This Network" button but realistically we cannot expect students to remember to press this button every time they log on using one of these.

I have looked at the iPhone Configuration Utility provided by Apple for enterprise-type provisioning of iPhones and iPod Touches but can find no way to prevent the caching of passwords.

We have an Apple AirPort that could be used to bridge to the campus Ethernet (which requires no logon). This is already being done with some other equipment including MacBook Pros. I've e-mailed my boss the suggestion, but as it stands now we (i.e. me) have to figure out some way to solve the credential caching problem.

Any clues, Apple furries?
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