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Framework Installation without Admin

My mother has a Mac she gets from her work (she works at a school). She does not have the admin password or admin privileges on her account. I want to install a program on there I wrote, but it requires the installation of a framework first. The framework is 55 megabytes and comes in a .pkg file. If anyone cares, it's Mono, the free/open-source equivalent of Microsoft .NET that runs on more than just Windows NT.

I have tested the program on a Mac, and it works fine. I have even added features that specifically integrate with the Mac (it uses the menu at the top of the screen, it uses it's dock icon, etc.) But I do not know how to install a framework (make it available) without having admin privileges. It's unlikely that "ask someone" (for admin capability) is a workable solution. The program itself is just an .app bundle and she should be okay dragging that to /Applications (I think, if not it will run elsewhere).

Does anyone know if there are ways to do this or am I S.O.L.?
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