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System keychain access w/o admin

So every once in a great while I am here at my parents' house and travel out to my mother's classroom to help her with stuff. They have a wireless network there, and for many years I knew the WEP code to it because it was just located in the keychain for her iMac. That's changed recently, now it's a WPA/WPA2 passphrase (PSK/personal) and it looks like the passphrase is squirreled away in the "System" (as opposed to login) keychain. She/we do not have administrative access to either her iMac or her Macbook laptop.

Is there any way to get a secret out of the System keychain file without knowing the root password (or other admin password)? I copied the file /Library/System.keychain off of her laptop but when I open it with my own copy of the Keychain Access application it wants to know a passphrase to it. I have no idea what this might be.

Does anyone know what I could do?

(And yes, I've considered a wireless cracking tool like AirCrack-NG, as well as just asking someone. As far as the latter goes, she has enough trouble getting a hold of someone to ask her own tech questions, and most of the time when I'm there school is not in session - ex. Christmas break.)
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