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Just what LiveJournal needs, eh - another useless furry spinoff comm. Or... maybe not so useless? Whatever, MacFurs is here - a friendly place where Mac-savvy furries can post stuff relelvant to the World's Greatest PC operating system. All Mac addicts are welcome, of course, but so are geekfurs in general - basically anyone interested in alternative operating systems (i.e. non-M$ OSs) is encouraged to join and contribute. Apple and Mac OS-related announcements are most welcomed, but also think of this comm as a place where you can crosspost Mac-relevant material for perusal by those kindred souls who dwell beyond the bounds of your own circle of LJ friends. Anyway, please spread the word about MacFurs! The more who join, the merrier!

Membership has to be regulated, unfortunately, because LJ can be a hostile place sometimes. Anyone whose info page reflects fur-friendliness, however, will be approved immediately.

And *ahem* as furries, don't you think it's apropos that we adopt Hexley the Platypus as our group mascot?

Ain't he ky00t? Yikes! Almost too ky00t!

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